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kleine_aster in dn_mirror

Everybody Loves Me, Baby

Name: Alex
Who were you previously stamped as? Matt, Light (Yeah, it´s weird) April Theme: Light
Age: 26
What gender are you looking for? I prefer les boys, but it´s up to you. ^^
Are you willing to be paired with a Shinigami? Wow. Uh ... if you think I should ...
Likes: coffee, cats, cigarettes, fiction, food, friends, black humor, horror movies and long walks
Dislikes: pop ballads, umbrellas, firecrackers, hypocrisy, bad conscience
What traits do you look for in a partner? Independence, creativity and an intriguing mind. Someone who keeps me interested. Articulate and witty (Yes, sense of humor IS really that important!) and a little quirky, cause I´m too. Most importantly, someone to feel comfortable with. Look-wise, I prefer men who are cute and/or unique over run of the mill alpha-male types.
What traits do you dislike in a partner? People who are overly needy or clingy don´t stand a chance with me. No-one who smothers me emotionally. Of course I´ll support and pamper my partner, but my man has to be able to stand up for himself and have his own perspective in life.
Which side do you prefer: The investigation team or the Kira worshippers? The Kira worshippers tick me off in every sense of the word, because seperating the world into "good" and "bad" people doesn´t sit right with me. It´s investigation team all the way (and Wammyboys in particular)! I am aware that their sense of justice is flawed as well, but the Kira philosophy simply is not for me.
If you had a Death Note, how would you use it? Even if I didn´t know whether it works or not, I think I´d be too spooked to write in it. I don´t want corpses on my conscience. I picture myself sitting in a circle around it with my friends and having no clue what to do with it.
What would be your idea of a first date? DVDs, Pizza, Popcorn and cigarettes. Something to relax, chat, and warm up to each other. Or maybe a cool midnight movie at the cinema.

Would you consider yourself:
Compassionate or Just? Too compassionate for my own good sometimes. I´m the type of person who always feels guilty and responsible if someone sits by him/herself on a party, even if it´s not my own party.
Introvert or Extrovert? Mostly extrovert. I don´t tell everybody everything, but I´m easy to talk to.
Laid-back or uptight? Laid back.
Logical or impulsive? Somewhere in the middle, but my gut feeling usually reigns supreme.
Cautious or Gung-ho? Depends on my mood, really, but I guess I lean towards cautious because I don´t like teh drama.

What would your prefer in your significant other?:
Looks or personality (What comes first)?  Personality: still the sexiest thing on earth.
Compassionate or Just? Somewhere in the middle, anything else is fussy.
Introvert or Extrovert? I find introverts interesting because I´m not, but only if "introvert" does not stand for "secretly dull".
Laid-back or uptight? I´m laid back, but uptight people fascinate me. Not sure.
Logical or impulsive? Someone who´s more logical than me wouldn´t be bad, in a Ying-Yang sorta sense.
Cautious or Gung-ho? Not too gung-ho, but not boring, please.
Loud or quiet? And again in the middle. Overly loud people annoy me as much as people who never say anything.

Anything else? What You Deserve Is What You Get. ^^ Thanks for havin´ me! =D


Matt... or possibly Mello.
I could see this being a Matt relationship, it seems to fit better if ya ask me. x)
Maybe it's just me, but I see you with L x)
I'm seeing a lot of Mello... particularly because you claimed to look for an "interesting mind" in respect to possible suitors and, well...

Mello definitely has an interesting mind. Yep. With enough quirkiness to last a lifetime. :D
I'm getting the Mello vibe mostly...but I did get bits of L in there ^^